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Custom made Padded whips

Whip length

Whip Length

Start your customization by choosing your length, from 32in/81cm down to 23in/58cm.



Choose from three levels of flexibility, stiff, flexible and very flexible.

Shaft color

Shaft Color

Next, choose a color for the whip. The standard shaft color is black but we have 16 other color options available.

Popper type

Popper Type

We have black leather and multi colored nylon popper ends. Nylon ends are more durable over dirt racing surfaces, leather ones are best used for turf racing.

Whip handles

Handle Type

Some riders have a preference in their whip's handle thickness. Lite Touch® Whips have two handle sizes, thick and thin.

Whip weight

Whip Weight

Choose the weight of your whip. Standard weight is medium, approximately 5.6 ounces/160 grams. Lite Touch® whips come in heavy, medium and light weights.

Embroidered popper

Embroidered Popper

For an additional $15 you may choose to have your popper end embroidered with a name or monogram in coordinating thread color. Please be advised that some racing authorities do not allow jockeys' whips to have embroidered popper ends.

Lite Touch  Padded Whip


  • Just as effective as traditional riding whips, the Lite Touch® whip actually makes a louder sound when used, encouraging the horse to respond.
  • Approved by the Australian Racing Authority, the Ontario Racing Commission in Canada and all state racing commissions in the US which require their jockeys to race with padded whips.
  • Made with either a nylon or leather like popper, these whips are water resistant, durable and made to withstand the rigors of race riding on turf, synthetic and dirt surfaces.
  • Available in 3 levels of flexibility: stiff, flexible and most flexible.
  • Made in lengths of 32in/81cm down to 23in/58cm. Standard popper length is 7in/18cm. We also make an 8¼ in/21cm popper for Australian racing.
  • Shafts available in 17 different colors.
  • Popper ends may be embroidered with the rider's name for an additional $15.
  • All whips are made in house at our Cherry Hill, New Jersey location and will be shipped within 10 days of order. 
  • Refunds are accepted on unused whips within 10 days of receiving. Original invoice required with packaging and buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.
  • No refunds on whips with embroidered poppers with the exception of a spelling mistake.

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